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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Event Name City State Start Date Type
15th Holly Heisman Memorial Wynnewood PA 9/3/2017 Tnmt.
Back To Sch. Classic August Moore OK 8/26/2017 Tnmt.
State Championship Novice Conway AR 8/19/2017 Tnmt.
Improve Your CXR Rating - Liberty MO 8/12/2017 Tnmt.
All-American-Chess-Festival Fort Smith AR 7/8/2017 Special
The Challengers Tornado Moore OK 6/10/2017 Tnmt.
Sausomecon Anime Youth Chess Liberty MO 6/3/2017 Tnmt.
KCCEnPassant2017 Kingston ON 5/24/2017 Tnmt.
2017 Ernest Cialone Ft.Smith Fort Smith AR 5/17/2017 Tnmt.
2016 Ernest Cialone Ft.Smith Fort Smith AR 5/16/2017 Tnmt.
Spring Chess School Liberty MO 5/16/2017 Tnmt.
Arkansas Schol. Chess Lincoln AR 5/8/2017 Tnmt.
Free Comic Book Day - Youth Liberty MO 5/6/2017 Tnmt.
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games Player Name Rating State
25 Phillip Williams 1235 OK
14 Advait Patel 2494 OK
12 Tieghler Pollard 889 OK
11 Tony Cheng 1398 KS
11 Robert Lau 2067 HI
10 Liang Luo 1070 IL
10 Najee Starks 593 IL
10 Sam Schmakel 1921 IL
9 Wayne Kane 1747 HI
9 Jake VanRooy 1877 ON
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Hot List!!
1.   Steven Bellisario +186
2.   Ricardo Rivera +65
3.   Alexandra Rivera +37
4.   D B +19
5.   Josh Pruett +4
6.   Blake Tanner +3
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Top Active Players
1.   Jake VanRooy 1877
2.   Blake Tanner 1866
3.   Josh Pruett 1863
4.   Frank Dixon 1798
5.   Azroy Kandan 1787
6.   Steven Bellisario 1782
7.   John Madsen 1719
8.   Dave Gordon 1667
9.   Bill Wilwers 1648
10.   Arman Azroy 1611
11.   D B 1530
12.   John Lukezich 1453
13.   Zachariah Carlson 1436
14.   Steve Hughes 1413
15.   Raf Deleon 1404
16.   Lorenz Paulsen 1356
17.   Bharadway Chepuri 1320
18.   Famous Taylor 1281
19.   Ian Birch 1255
20.   Phillip Williams 1235
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