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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Event Name City State Start Date Type
Tulsa University Sch. K-12 Tulsa OK 1/26/2019 Tnmt.
Sunday Rapid 4 Clovis CA 12/16/2018 Tnmt.
Cheyenne K-12 Open Edmond OK 12/15/2018 Tnmt.
2018 Wingfield Holidays Schol. Jackson MS 12/15/2018 Tnmt.
Sunday Rapid 3 Clovis CA 12/9/2018 Tnmt.
Kansas City Grade Championship Kansas City MO 12/8/2018 Tnmt.
Sunday Rapid 2 Clovis CA 11/25/2018 Tnmt.
19th Albert Rine Memorial OK Tulsa OK 11/17/2018 Tnmt.
STE Halloween Swiss Natick MA 11/17/2018 Tnmt.
Sunday Rapid 1 Clovis CA 11/11/2018 Tnmt.
Faith Baptist Academy Sch. Fresno CA 11/9/2018 Tnmt.
SCC Howlcoming Tnmt. 2018 Jonesboro AR 11/3/2018 Tnmt.
The 2018 Missouri Grade State Liberty MO 10/27/2018 Tnmt.
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Typical position in the Orangutan Opening (1.b4....)

CXR - we took chess stats out of the Stone Age.
Hot List!!
1.   Raymond Jiang +105
2.   Aaron Lu +104
3.   Elliot Yii +103
4.   Sanchez Palmer +102
5.   William Spence +99
6.   S Flexner-Bury +87
7.   Zade Mahayni +85
8.   Jeffrey Yu +84
9.   Isaac Boggs +82
10.   Maxwell Xie +81
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Top Active Players
1.   Matthew Fishbein 2327
2.   Howard Zhong 2220
3.   Alan Song 2214
4.   Agustin Garcia 2043
5.   Jesse Turner 2022
6.   Neil Cousin 2015
7.   Stephen Gradijan 1987
8.   Frederick Pearson 1957
9.   Muharrem Brahimaj 1933
10.   Kelsey Liu 1907
11.   Calvin Hori 1886
12.   Dino Bonaldi 1864
13.   Edward Astrachan 1842
14.   Michael Robertson 1833
15.   Ryan Amburgy 1826
16.   Mark Fins 1824
17.   Amy Lei 1820
18.   Naren Pullela 1818
19.   Hermenegildo Neto 1802
20.   H Forber-Pratt 1794
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