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In the wake of hurricane Harvey, southeast Texas has suffered catastrophic losses and, with G-d's help, will rebuild. With available funds diverted to recovery, any effort to keep Chess alive will be short on cash.

Chess Express Ratings, Inc. (CXR) would like to help out, in the way we can best do so. Therefore, we are offering 100% FREE service to any and all chess clubs, school programs, and other chess organizations. This offer is meant for areas hit by Harvey, as defined elsewhere on this page. Players can get free memberships, and organizations will get invoices decorated with a 100% discount. This offer will extend through September 30, 2018.

CXR has rated well over 1000 tournaments and hundreds of thousands of games. Our players are your neighbors -- from Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and many other locations. We have been the official rating service of the Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization (OSCO) for more than ten years. Our "Alumni" include many GM's.

If you have been used to USCF service, prepare yourself for a giant step up. If you will take a few minutes to explore this website, you will see that CXR provides much, much, much more than any other rating authority. Plus, our ratings are recognized (for section placement) by, and closely track, USCF ratings.

If you run tournaments, CXR will save you a lot of time and drudge work. Plus, you don't need to run around asking people to pay for memberships or renewals. Let us show you how easy your life can be with CXR.

If you run a club, be aware that you'll be able to report non-tournament results for rating purposes, and there is no limit to the number of games you can report. There will be no fees, no cost. CXR is an international rating, and any out-of-state or Mexican players visiting your club can receive free CXR membership.

If your club or chess program serves players living in the area bounded by Route 35 on the west and Route 10 on the north, you are entitled to free service from CXR. This includes Brownsville (of course!), Laredo, San Antonio, Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, Orange, and Port Arthur. We will readily make exceptions outside of this area, if needed.

Talk to a CXR representative today. Call (718)793-5995, and let's talk about how we can, specifically, help your organization. There is nothing to lose, and we welcome your questions. We want to help out, so please give this a shot.

Hot List!!
1.   Kamarie Young +157
2.   S Flexner-Bury +119
3.   Clayton Thrasher +99
4.   Malavika Shylesh +99
5.   Franklin Thiessen +90
6.   James Ingram +87
7.   Heath Munnerlyn +87
8.   Ryan Chen +85
9.   Collin Ford +84
10.   Melody Chen +72
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Top Active Players
1.   Advait Patel 2515
2.   Curtis Peterson 2015
3.   Frank Dixon 1844
4.   Michael Robertson 1806
5.   Azroy Kandan 1799
6.   Veronika Zilajeva 1766
7.   Arman Azroy 1679
8.   Dave Gordon 1624
9.   Sid Anjilvel 1622
10.   James Dollahite 1619
11.   Krish Kumar 1597
12.   Ted Hsu 1553
13.   Zachariah Carlson 1476
14.   John Lukezich 1470
15.   Harry Jordan 1460
16.   Raf Deleon 1444
17.   Ryan Amburgy 1415
18.   Jerel Walker 1396
19.   Jerold Sit 1362
20.   Lorenz Paulsen 1337
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