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Why spend a small fortune to get a rating (think: DUES, TRAVEL EXPENSES, ENTRY FEES)?  Now you can get CXR ratings and stats, FREE of charge, by running Quads (a 4-player round robin where each participant plays a game with each of the other 3 players) among your friends, whenever and wherever it is convenient for YOU! No Dues. No Travel. No Entry Fee (unless YOU want to raise some money). Just click "Join CXR!" above, and create your own CXR affiliate (always FREE!). Then log in to use our "ID Dispenser" to give CXR IDs to your friends (and to you), at NO COST. Use our QUADS reporting to let us know the results and we'll use these games to calculate ratings for you and your friends (if anyone already has a rating, you can provide it to us as a starting point). What's the catch? There is none. Rated Quads will be FREE at least until December 31, 2020 -- that's a long time from now. Join thousands of smart players who have CXR ratings and stats. See what a REAL chess rating service can provide! With your CXR ID, you can also play in the CXR-rated tournaments advertised on our home page, without having to pay for membership dues.   [Even if you eventually decide that you'd like to have Premium Membership with its extra perks, it would only cost $7 for a full year.]

Tournament Directors:

Stop being a clerk and a tax-collector for your rating service, and, instead, save your time and money by letting CXR work for you.     Click on BENEFITS FOR TDs and watch our short video.

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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Event Name City State Start Date End Date Type
Statewide MN Chess Tnmt. Eden Prairie MN 4/25/2020 4/25/2020 Tnmt.
Owatonna Open Owatonna MN 4/18/2020 4/18/2020 Tnmt.
Southern Metro Chess Lakeville MN 4/11/2020 4/11/2020 Tnmt.
Osseo Open Chess Tnmt. Maple Grove MN 3/21/2020 3/21/2020 Tnmt.
Pi Day Special Jonesboro AR 3/14/2020 3/14/2020 Special
SW Metro Chess Tournament Chaska MN 2/29/2020 2/29/2020 Tnmt.
Sunday Rapid 44 Clovis CA 2/16/2020 2/16/2020 Tnmt.
Des Moines Area Scholastic Des Moines IA 2/15/2020 2/15/2020 Tnmt.
CAAS ASU Jonesboro Regional Jonesboro AR 2/15/2020 2/15/2020 Tnmt.
Cotter Jr. and Sr. High Cotter AR 2/8/2020 2/8/2020 Tnmt.
Falling Forward (February Tuscaloosa AL 2/7/2020 2/29/2020 Tnmt.
Kansas City Raip Championship Kansas City MO 1/31/2020 1/31/2020 Tnmt.
January Friday Night Free Cash Kansas City MO 1/10/2020 1/31/2020 Tnmt.
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      2700chess.com for more details and full list       Number of Titles Awarded by CXR in February 2020:


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CXR - Measure Your Chess Progress... without busting your budget.
Hot List!!
1.   Brody Riley +107
2.   Satvika Anbukumar +96
3.   Savir Talasila +72
4.   Melton Colton +68
5.   Peter Gaffney +66
6.   Will Owens +51
7.   Sachin Rajan +49
8.   Tim Friesen +37
9.   Reece Dotson +35
10.   Eli Green +30
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Top Active Players
1.   Jesse Turner 2128
2.   Jonathan Beatty 2076
3.   Dino Bonaldi 1959
4.   Ryan Amburgy 1900
5.   Joel Rockey 1863
6.   Louis Spate 1853
7.   Peter Gaffney 1781
8.   Naren Pullela 1734
9.   Jessica Lauser 1671
10.   Manit Monga 1584
11.   Maxwell Barnes 1508
12.   Noah Thomas 1502
13.   Kelvin Xie 1492
14.   Paul Roberts 1486
15.   Oscar Wang 1476
16.   D Weaver 1438
17.   Rahul Pai 1429
18.   Emmerson Taylor 1382
19.   Adley Bufford 1326
20.   Bobby Rose 1280
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