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Event Name

POSTPONED Osseo Open Tnmnt

Event ID 1281
Date 3/21/2020
Description POSTPONED (due to Corona Virus) - New dates to be determined.
Fee: $40 Chess Tournament - Osseo Open For grades k-8 (divided by grade) Test your mettle against the best chess players throughout the metro area! Each participant will play SIX ROUNDS OF TOURNAMENT CHESS! This is a fantastic opportunity for students to match up their skills against players of similar age and skill level. Sign up today to take on the best! Team Trophy: We take the top four scores from each school to calculate the team champion. Whether there is 4 players from a school, 1 player or 20 players. We take the top 4 scores across divisions k-5. The school with the highest combined score will receive the TEAM CHAMPION TROPHY. We will have a team trophies for first through third place. Individual Tournament: Students will play 6 rounds against students of similar grade level (k-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8). We reserve the option to combine or separate grade levels based on the number of participants. Swiss Play: Participants are matched against others of similar skill level and grade. If a player wins more games, they will play other players who have won more often as well. By the 6th round, we will have a clear champion. Medals & Trophies: Trophies are given out to 1st - 3rd place in each grade level category. Medals are given out based on your performance. Every student will get either a trophy or a medal by the end of the day. This is a CXR rated tournament and official USCF rules will apply. Many games use clocks. USCF tiebreaker rules will be used. Visit our Chess Tournament FAQ page at YouthEnrichmentLeague.com for more answers to your questions.
Affiliate Youth Enrichment League
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control g/30:d0
Location Weaver Lake Science Math And Tec
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Website https://secure.youthenrichmentleague.com/register.php?g=23134
Sponsor(s)Osseo Community Education
Contactemail:   chet@yelkids.com
phone:   (952) 361-6882

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