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Event Name

State Championship 1-Day Sampler

Event ID 1004
Wall Chart http://www.cxrchess.com/tournaments/WC1004.html
Date 8/20/2016
Description For novice players (unrated or rated 1100 or less) who are not ready to play in the 2-3 day championship, this 1-day side event has a low entry fee of just $15 (CASH only!) which includes CXR ratings for all. Check in is 8:55 to 9:15 AM. There will be 5 rounds with a lunch break after round 3.
Affiliate Westark Chess Club
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control Game/30
Location River Valley Inn
5103 Towson Avenue
Fort Smith, Arkansas
DirectionsSame location as the Arkansas State Championship
Website http://
Sponsor(s)Westark Chess Club of Fort Smith
Contactemail:   kariscm@cox.net
phone:   479-420-6354

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