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Event Name

2nd Annual Westark Winter Warm-up Main Event

Event ID 1026
Wall Chart http://www.cxrchess.com/tournaments/WC1026.html         ←  ←  ←   Look Here for Tournament Results!
Date 1/21/2017
Description 4 Sections: Open, U 1600 Reserve, U1200 Knights are USCF rated, USCF required, and are 4SS G/70 delay 5. U900 Newcomer Section is CXR rated only. Unrated may choose U900 CXR or U1200 USCF. First 3 sections Entry Fee before discounts is $30; Newcomer's Section Entry Fee is $20. Less $5 if postmarked by 1/15/2017. Additional $5 discount for second/additional persons in family OR those travelling over 100 miles one way.
Affiliate Westark Chess Club
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control G/70, d5 and G/45,d5
Location Community Church@ChaffeeCrossing
1900 Church Street
Barling, Arkansas
DirectionsRogers turn right on Strozer Lane and Right on Church OR Take Zero East from Fort Smith just into Barling Zero becomes Church Street. Community Church is next to ESPN radio station across from Veterans Ave entrance to Chaffee Crossing.
Website http://westarkchess.com/january-2017-chess-events/
Sponsor(s)Westark Chess Club. Tournament Directors: Joel Gar
Contactemail:   westarkchess@gmail.com
phone:   479-420-6354

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