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Event ID 1032
Dates 2/2/2017 to 2/23/2017
Description FREE event for Westark regulars. Top finisher in each quad will receive a glass heart award dish - display or use as candy dish. You will have 4 Thursday nights to complete your 3 games played. This gives everyone margin. 6ish or as arranged with opponent. Flexibility to play the three in your quad in any sequence if there is a scheduling conflict. Your quad will consist of other club regulars within a similar rating group. Donations will be taken, but are optional. I (Heart) WESTARK!
Affiliate Westark Chess Club
Event Type Quad Tournament
Time Control G45/
Location Thursdays at Denny's
Roger's Ave
Fort Smith, Arkansas
DirectionsDenny's on Rogers Ave, by Hobby Lobby, exit 8 off I-540 Back area, the music will be off.
Website http://
Contactemail:   KarisCM@cox.net
phone:   479-420-6354

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