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Event Name

SSA March Madness

Event ID 1046
Date 3/25/2017
Description 4 SS: Rounds at: 10:00, 11:45, 1:30, 3:00; $EF$ 25.00. Register in Advance... No On-Site Registration!!! 4 Sections: OPEN (adults too!), K-9, K-6, K-3. Trophies for 1st-3rd in each group. Groups may be combined for play based on number of players.
Affiliate A Tale of Two Kings
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control game/40, d5
Location Sonoran Science Academy
2325 W Sunset Rd.
Tucson, Arizona
DirectionsBring Chess Sets and Clocks... none provided. Register in Advance... No On-Site Registration!!! Snack Bar on site.
Website http://sazchess.org/reference/db/upload/flyers/805.pdf
Sponsor(s)SSA Coy Chess Club
Contactemail:   mcoy@sonoranschools.org
phone:   555-555-5555

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