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State Championship Novice 1-Day Sampler

Event ID 1065
Wall Chart http://www.cxrchess.com/tournaments/WC1065.html         ←  ←  ←   Look Here for Tournament Results!
Date 8/19/2017
Description For novice players (unrated or rated 1100 or less) who are not ready to play in the 2-3 day championship, try this 1-day side event. The super-low entry fee of just $15 (CASH only!) includes CXR ratings for all. Check in is 8:55 to 9:15 AM. There will be 5 rounds with a lunch break after round 3. Winner gets a Chess Clock!
Affiliate Westark Chess Club
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control Game/30 d5
Location Knights of Columbus Hall
514 East 6th St.
Conway, Arkansas
DirectionsSame location as the Arkansas State Championship ... PLEASE NOTE THE NEW VENUE AT KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL!
Website http://
Sponsor(s)Westark Chess Club of Fort Smith
Contactemail:   kariscm@cox.net
phone:   479-420-6354

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