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Event Name

SCC Fall Open 2017

Event ID 1067
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Date 9/2/2017
Description The Scarlet Chess Club is starting off the new school year with one of its traditional 2 section FREE tournaments! Section 1 is for students only, while Section 2 is open to anyone who wants to play. The event will be held on September 2, beginning at 8:30 am and lasting until midafternoon. The games are timed at G/30 with no delay, and there will be a short break after round 2 for lunch. As usual, the location is the Mockingbird Room at the student union on campus of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. Hope to see everyone there!
Affiliate Scarlet Chess Club
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control game/30
Location 101 N Caraway Rd.
Jonesboro, Arkansas
DirectionsOn the Arkansas State University campus, in the Carl R. Reng student center. Located in the Mockingbird Room on the third floor.
Website https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008188537256
Sponsor(s)Scarlet Chess Club
Contactemail:   zachariah.carlson@gmail.com

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