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Tuesday Night Chess

Event ID 1108
Dates 4/26/2019 to 6/15/2019
Description Wise Chess Club meets Tuesdays at 7501 Goodman Rd. Olive Branch, MS at 7PM to 9PM (Panera Bread). You can play casual games at agreed-upon time controls, but a last minute tournament can happen, and it is all under CXR (Chess eXpress Ratings). Take a break from your chess sabbatical and join in the exercise of your hobby. If you played chess in the Mid-South area's clubs in the 70s through the late 90s then you will recognize some of the chess atmosphere from bygone daysy. Friendly banter, good-natured kidding, post game analysis, and games that you actually have time to write down. As a CXR member you can play a rated match at anytime without a rating fee. Simply report your games to me, name of the opponent, what color you played, time control (7min SD and above), and outcome (flag, resignation, mate, or whatever).
Affiliate Pillsbury Chess League
Event Type Other
Time Control various
Location Panera Bread
7501 Goodman Rd
Olive Branch, Mississippi
DirectionsJust off of Lamar Ave, aka Interstate 78, going West on 302, aka Goodman Rd. See: https://locations.panerabread.com/ms/olivehYpHeNbranch/7501hYpHeNgoodmanhYpHeNroad.html
Website http://
Sponsor(s)Pillsbury Chess League and Panera Bread
Contactemail:   southaven@gmail.com

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