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Woodall Open

Event ID 1235
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Date 8/24/2019
Description Woodall K-12 Scholastic Chess Open aSaturday, August 24, 2019 aWoodall School, 14090 W 835 Rd, Tahlequah, OK74464 aType: Swiss, school team sensitive, 5-rounds, time control G/30 with no delay, 1st place ties broken by computer tiebreaks, ½ pt. Bye available for 1 un-played round (except last). aSection aDescription aTrophies aMedals a1 aK-4th grade, (rating under 500) U500 aTop 3 Individuals a3 + points a2 aK-6th grade, U700 aTop 3 Individuals a3 + points a3 a6th – 12th, U700 aTop 3 Individuals a3 + points a4 aK-12th, Premier (600+) aTop Individual Top Rated U1100 Top rated U800 a3 + points aTeams: Top 4 finishers from the same school in the same section combine for team score. A team consists of at least two players from the same school in the same section. aTeam Awards: 1st Place school team awards for Section 1,2,3 and 4. No club team awards. aSchedule: Registration & Check-in is from 9:00am – 9:30am. All players must check-in by 9:30am to play in Round 1. If you are not registered and checked in by 9:30am you will receive a ½ point bye in Round 1. Round 1 begins 10:00am for all Sections. Please pre-register to support our scheduled starting time. aEntry Fee: $20 pre-registered if mailed/postmarked by Monday, August19. Late registration is $25 at the door. Door registrations will receive a ½ point bye if not registered by 9:30am. aMail Entry Forms to: Jannifer Smith – 14090 W 835 Rd, Tahlequah, OK 74464 aMake checks payable to: Woodall Public School (Please do not send cash through the mail.) aRated Event: All Sections will be rated using the Chess Express Rating Service. All chess ratings will be verified by the Tournament Director. aOrganizer: Jannifer Smith, 918-457-9771 or jannifergwen@hotmail.com a-----------------------------Woodall K-12 Chess Open Entry Form------------------------------------------------ aFull Name:___________________________________________________Grade:_________________ aSchool:_____________________________________ School City:_____________________________ a1st Round Request for ½ pt. Bye: Yes___ No___ Email:______________________________________ aEmergency Contact: ____________________________ Phone #_____________________________ aRelease Form Required for all entrants: All children and their property are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian at all times at this tournament. In consideration of this tournament entry on this day of which I acknowledge, release for the tournament entrant, myself, and all my successors and assigns, The tournament Organizer and Tournament Site Owner (Woodall School) all of the officers and agents, successors and assigns, of the above mentioned second parties from all claims of personal injury or property damage related to this tournament. aSigned and agreed on this ____________day of _____________________2020 a____________________________________ ______________________________________ aPrinted Name of Parent/Legal Guardian Signature Parent/Legal Guardian
Affiliate Woodall Chess Club
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control G/30 no delay
Location 14090 W 835 RD
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Website http://
Sponsor(s)Jannifer Smith
Contactemail:   jannifergwen@hotmail.com
phone:   918-457-9771

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