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Affiliate Information Greenwood Chess
State/ProvinceSouth Carolina
Contact NameMike Games
General InfoGREENWOOD CHESS CLUB MEETS: every Tuesday @ Dairy Queen THEN: every Saturday @ Dairy Queen DQ is located @ 217 Bypass 72 NW Greenwood, SC 29649-1510 (864) 223-9234 A family friendly comunity chess club welcoming ALL ages & ALL skill levels (beginners too!) Proud to serve the counties of Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, McCormick, and Saluda in South Carolina, providing anyone in the Lakelands the opportunity to learn, play, and study the great game of chess. Join us anytime for a game or two...or three...and invite a friend !!
Affiliate ID744
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Affiliate Roster
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========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Member
14329-W T Boone P,S0 560 560 regularUpgrade
14316-J A Cameron P,S0 728 728 regularUpgrade
14315-H S Dunn P,S0 714 714 regularUpgrade
14324-G D Estes P,S0 680 680 regularUpgrade
14321-R T Estes P,S0 612 612 regularUpgrade
14313-C W Estes P,S0 773 773 regularUpgrade
14318-X A Games P,S0 664 664 regularUpgrade
14328-A T Games P,S0 615 615 regularUpgrade
14325-Q K Lodge P,S0 684 684 regularUpgrade
14323-K R Luepke P,S0 657 657 regularUpgrade
14327-D B Mccarry P,S0 640 640 regularUpgrade
14326-A A Miller P,S0 586 586 regularUpgrade
14330-J E Miller P,S0 637 637 regularUpgrade
14317-C I Miller P,S0 675 675 regularUpgrade
14320-J X Palmer P,S0 683 683 regularUpgrade
14319-N K Roesner P,S0 684 684 regularUpgrade
14331-M C Satterfield P,S0 652 652 regularUpgrade
14332-P J Satterfield P,S0 614 614 regularUpgrade
14314-X R Scurry P,S0 744 744 regularUpgrade
14322-Y V Scurry P,S0 679 679 regularUpgrade

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