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Affiliate Information Urban Town Chess Club
Website(no info)
Contact NameAnthony Craig
Phone865 438-3742
General Info we usually meet after 8pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but it would be best to come on Thursdays and fridays because there are always chess club members there on those two days. We mostly play five minute blitz games, but if you prefer longer or shorter games we can adjust the time. All of our games our casual even though the chess club is an official USCF chess club and I am an official club TD. If we get more members at the club we might start hosting 4 round swiss system five minute blitz tournaments. We welcome players of all skill levels and ages. If you have a digital clock and portable vinyl board with plastic pieces please bring it, if you don't we almost always have enough supplies. There is no membership required to play at our club just stop by and play a few casual games when ever you feel like it.
Affiliate ID779
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Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Member
4803-D Anthony Craig R,A0 875 875 887 885 861 883 889 868 866 regularUpgrade
16800-A Ariel Facey P,A0 1600 1600 regularUpgrade
16797-K Ben Goodson P,S0 700 700 regularUpgrade
16801-E Marty Gsomething P,A0 1000 1000 regularUpgrade
16802-H Zach Gsomething P,A0 1000 1000 regularUpgrade
16794-C Michael G Hicks R,A0 805 805 regularUpgrade
16804-Y Victor Higgins P,A0 1200 1200 regularUpgrade
16795-F Terry Hill P,A0 1200 1200 regularUpgrade
16798-Q Paul Jordan R,A0 1764 1764 regularUpgrade
16799-C Orlando Moutry P,A0 1200 1200 regularUpgrade
16796-P Aaron J Osborne R,A0 1122 1122 regularUpgrade
16793-H Fheopatrick Patterson R,A0 1770 1770 regularUpgrade
16803-B Greg Robinson P,A0 1200 1200 regularUpgrade

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