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Game History for Jico Blas
Player ID: 14743-G, First Move Chess, San Juan, PH, PHL
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Jico's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    922278     LOST 750/P     731/P   WHITE N.Ramos 14757-P 750/P 01/08/11 g/30   806  
    922291     WON 731/P     757/P   BLACK E.Dio 14749-G 731/P 01/08/11 g/30   806  
    922304     WON 757/P     783/P   WHITE J.Sanpedro 14759-C 757/P 01/08/11 g/30   806  
    922316     WON 783/P     809/P   BLACK C.Paez 14756-K 783/P 01/08/11 g/30   806  
    922328     LOST 809/P     791/P   BLACK I.Rilloraza 14758-W 827/P 01/08/11 g/30   806  
    922878     WON 791/P     817/P   BLACK D.Delosreyes 14837-A 800/P 02/05/11 g/30   808  
    922887     LOST 817/P     800/P   WHITE J.Tan 14761-A 878/P 02/05/11 g/30   808  
    922895     LOST 800/P     781/P   BLACK A.Bathula 14835-M 802/P 02/05/11 g/30   808  
    922906     WON 781/P     809/P   BLACK C.Valdellon 14763-V 821/P 02/05/11 g/30   808  
    922916     LOST 809/P     790/P   WHITE V.Dacanay 14836-R 801/P 02/05/11 g/30   808  
    923811     WON 790/P     816/P   WHITE E.Servando 14907-N 800/P 04/02/11 g/30   815  
    923821     LOST 816/P     797/P   BLACK C.Carlos 14905-T 821/P 04/02/11 g/30   815  
    923831     WON 797/P     823/P   WHITE F.Parro 14889-D 802/P 04/02/11 g/30   815  
    923840     WON 823/P     849/P   BLACK A.Allado 14883-K 827/P 04/02/11 g/30   815  
    923853     LOST 849/P     831/P   BLACK D.Delosreyes 14837-A 870/P 04/02/11 g/30   815  
    924293     WON 831/P     856/P   WHITE D.Macandili 15022-G 800/P 05/07/11 g/30   820  
    924306     LOST 856/P     843/P   BLACK F.Changco 14716-N 1017/P 05/07/11 g/30   820  
    924318     LOST 843/P     825/P   BLACK A.Bathula 14835-M 867/P 05/07/11 g/30   820  
    924332     WON 825/P     849/P   WHITE J.Pasia 15025-W 786/P 05/07/11 g/30   820  
    924345     LOST 849/P     830/P   BLACK I.Mago 15023-J 839/P 05/07/11 g/30   820  
(20 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
62.5 % 41.66 % 50 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE:   +9
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK:   +0.666
Average Rating Change Overall: +4
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Jico Blas has had more success playing the White pieces. Greater success with White implies the potential for improvement with Black. Concentrate on opening moves for defense. When playing Black, Jico Blas should try to convert unfavorable positions into draws where possible. Jico has faced opponents with an average rating of 818.9. Jico Blas has improved by 80 points since 2011-01-08. "
Note: Pie charts are based on OFFICIAL results and do not reflect activity of the most recent 14 days.
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Jico Blas as White Player
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Jico Blas as Black Player

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