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Progress and Achievement Page for Lance Manahan
Player ID: 15621-J, First Move Chess, San Juan, PH, PHL
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CXR Chess Rating Class for Player Lance Manahan
This meter shows where Lance Manahan is in relation to the entire range of chess players.   New students of chess will appear toward the left side, and will move rightward as they progress. Very strong players will be closer the the right side.
Games Reported: 5             Unofficial Rating: 665  
More games required to produce the Performance Power Level meter.

In order to earn a scholastic chess title, Lance Manahan must achieve the following goals:
  1. a peak rating greater than 300
  2. defeat at least 5 opponents rated over 300
  3. rating maintained above 200 for at least 8 consecutive games

Lance Manahan's next evaluation is scheduled for March 1.
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Lance Manahan played in the following event:


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