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Benefits For Players

  • CXR ratings are highly responsive to your current playing ability
  • Specialized ratings and percentages that isolate your performance:
    • With the white pieces
    • With the black pieces
    • Against much stronger opponents
    • Under various time-control ranges, i.e. "slow" games, "quick" games, and "speed" games.
  • Track your improvement and review your milestones via your "Progress & Achievements" report!
  • Review your complete Game History in detail
  • Used by top Masters and Grand Masters (see "Top 50 List")
  • Premium Membership

    • Your own, personal Login ID and password
    • You can record detailed information about your games
    • You can record notes only you can see
    • Based on the extra data you provide, you get additional performance statistics
    • At the discretion of your affiliated club, you may be able to report results of non-tournament games (e.g. club games)
    • At the discretion of your affiliated club, you could report results of games played against players with non-CXR ratings
    • Annual dues for Premium Membership is just seven dollars! (less than 2 cents a day)
Ask your club to join CXR today!  There is no cost to affiliate with CXR, nor are there any recurring affiliation fees.

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