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Benefits For Tournament Directors

  • NO need to solicit players to join CXR.
  • NO need to check membership expiration dates.
  • NO need to collect membership dues from your players.
  • NO AFFILIATION FEES!   We appreciate your patronage.
  • Your players need pay NO RATING FEES! You read that right - from the player's viewpoint, it is FREE!
  • Upload your tournament results to our web-site via the final Wall Chart file from WinTD or SwissSys.
  • Publicize all your events on our web-site FREE of charge.
  • CXR's advanced chess metrics enhance the value of your events.
  • Next day posting of updated ratings generates added excitement to your tournaments.
  • Each of your tournament players benefits from a personal "Folio" of over a dozen performance statistics, plus a variety of additional reports and information.
  • Your Tournament wall chart will be automatically posted on the CXR web-site, with each player's name linking to his or her personalized reports.
  • Players will seek out your tournaments, giving you repeat business.
  • CXR tournaments attract many new players who are hesitant to pay the exorbitant rates of our leading competitor.

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Top Active Players
1.   Rafael Baltazar 1998
2.   Frida Santiago 1733
3.   Richard Barski 1606
4.   Conrado Salazar 1553
5.   Nicholas Manley 1538
6.   Earney Pattrick 1380
7.   Jovan Merelestse 1222
8.   Perry Taylor 1221
9.   Philip Storck 1143
10.   Aun Hathiari 1130
11.   J Argeropoulos 1105
12.   Carlos Contreras 1091
13.   L Satterwhite 1083
14.   Dharshan Rajesh 996
15.   Samuel Cashman 980
16.   Houston Jennings 926
17.   Nathan Mestel 903
18.   Phoenix Yeh 873
19.   Kendra Fee 860
20.   Andrew Nguyen 855
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