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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events

Event Name City State Start Date End Date Type
May Friday Night Free Cash Prize Tnmt. Kansas City MO 5/1/2020 5/29/2020 Tnmt.
2020 Chris Pace Open Kingston ON 4/27/2020 4/28/2020 Tnmt.
Statewide MN Chess Tnmt. Eden Prairie MN 4/25/2020 4/25/2020 Tnmt.
The Kansas City Club Championship Kansas City MO 4/25/2020 4/25/2020 Tnmt.
Owatonna Open Owatonna MN 4/18/2020 4/18/2020 Tnmt.
Southern Metro Chess Championship Lakeville MN 4/11/2020 4/11/2020 Tnmt.
April Friday Night Free Cash Prize Tnmt. Kansas City MO 4/3/2020 4/24/2020 Tnmt.
POSTPONED Osseo Open Tnmnt Maple Grove MN 3/21/2020 3/21/2020 Tnmt.
=== CANCELED ===   Pi Day Special Jonesboro AR 3/14/2020 3/14/2020 Special
Sunday Rapid 46 Clovis CA 3/8/2020 3/8/2020 Tnmt.
2020 Oklahoma State Scholastic Chess Championship Midwest City OK 3/7/2020 3/7/2020 Tnmt.
March Friday Night Free Cash Prize Tnmt. Kansas City MO 3/6/2020 3/27/2020 Tnmt.
Falling Forward (February Fridays) Tuscaloosa AL 2/7/2020 2/29/2020 Tnmt.
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