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Active CXR Clubs & Affiliates
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State/Prov Affiliate Name Online Signups
Tamil Nadu (India) 64suresh
New York United States Chess League
Arizona A Tale of Two Kings yes
Texas Adnap of Houston
California Aloyan yes
Ontario bdon
Delaware Bear Chess Club yes
Arkansas Benton Chess Club yes
Arkansas Benton High
Ontario Blue Mountains Chess Association
Oklahoma Brian Marshall
Louisiana Cajun Chess
Mississippi Capital City Chess Club - MS
Oklahoma Carl Albert High School Chess
Oklahoma Casady Cyclone Chess
Massachusetts Center School Chess Club
California Central Valley Lions
California Century Community Charter School
Delaware Charter School Chess Club
Arkansas Chess Association for Arkansas Schools yes
Alabama Chess Fusion Chess Club yes
Madhya Pradesh (India) Chess Impact Live yes
Tasmania (Australia) chesschat
Massachusetts Chesspals, Inc.
Texas Children's Chess club
Oklahoma Cleveland Elementary Chess Club
South Carolina ColumbiaChess yes
Arkansas Conway Chess Club yes
British Columbia cowboydick666
Arkansas CPR Chess Club
Oklahoma Del City High School Chess
Delaware Delaware Catholic Schools
Oklahoma Dove Science Academy Elementary yes
Oklahoma Downtown OKC Scholastic Chess Club
Zimbabwe Ebunandini Chess Club
Oklahoma Edison Chess Club
Oklahoma Edison Preparatory School Chess Club yes
North Carolina Ellenboro Tigers Chess Club
Arkansas Euper Lane Elementary
Jiangsu (China) 青苗 yes
Tennessee Fayetteville Knights
Oklahoma First Lutheran School Chess Club
Philippines First Move Chess
North Carolina Foothill Knights Chess Club
Maryland Frederick County Chess Association
Alabama Freedom Chess Academy yes
Indiana Gary Public Library Chess Club
Missouri Gateway Chess League
Ontario Georgian College Chess club yes
Ontario GrassRoots Chess Challenge
Nevada Greenhill Drive Social Club
South Carolina Greenwood Chess
Delhi (India) Guru Chess Academy
Arkansas Guy-Perkins Chess Club yes
Hawaii Hawaii Interscholastic Novice players yes
Hawaii Hawaii Interscholastic Open players yes
Hawaii Hawaii Roaming Knights yes
Andalusia (Espana) Heinrich79 Ajedrez
California Hemet Chess Club
Arkansas HHS Chess
Pennsylvania Holly Heisman Memorial Chess Club yes
Arkansas Hoxie Chess Club
New York Hunter College Elementary School
Alabama Huntsville Chess Club yes
Illinois Illinois Valley Chess Club yes
Tennessee Jackson Chess Club yes
Oklahoma Jenks Chess Club yes
Oklahoma John Rex Charter School Chess Club
Arkansas Jonesboro High School
Illinois Junior Knights of the Round Table
Wisconsin Kagel Elementary School Chess Organization (KESCO)
Missouri Kansas City Chess Club
Ontario Kingston Chess Club
North Carolina Knights Corner Chess Club of Gastonia
Tennessee Knights of Memphis yes
Washington Knights of WA who want CXR yes
Jalisco (Mexico) Lake Chapala Chess Club
Texas Laredo CXR Chess Club yes
Ontario Little Chess Mates yes
Arkansas Little Rock Christian Academy
Virginia Loudoun Chess yes
Arkansas LR Mosaic Knights yes
Arkansas LRCH Chess Teamb yes
Minas Gerais (Brazil) Mandi
Ontario Mariposa Chess Club
Mississippi Mississippi Scholastic Chess Association yes
Georgia mossgroup yes
Illinois MUI Warriors Chess Club yes
Turkey nazmituran yes
Mississippi NCHS Chess Club
Arkansas NEA Chess
Arkansas NEA Chess Club
New York New York Masters
Oklahoma Norman Chess Club
Arkansas North Little Rock Chess Club
Arkansas North Little Rock High School Chess Club
Arkansas Northwest Arkansas Chess Center
Arkansas NWA Chess
New York NYChessKids yes
Hawaii Oahu Scholastic Chess Group yes
Nebraska Omaha Chess Community yes
Ontario Orillia Chess Club
Oklahoma OSCO: Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization
Hawaii Pearlridge Mall Chess Club yes
Mississippi Pillsbury Chess League yes
Hunan (China) QINMIAO Chess Club yes
Saskatchewan Queen City Chess Club
Illinois Renaissance Knights yes
Oklahoma Renegade Chess Association
Rhode Island Rhode Island Chess Association yes
Oklahoma Riverfield Country Day School
Arkansas Riverview Chess Club
Mississippi Roaming Knights Chess Club of Mississippi
California Roaming Knights of California yes
Delaware Roaming Knights of Delaware yes
Florida Roaming Knights of Florida yes
Illinois Roaming Knights of Illinois yes
Massachusetts Roaming Knights of Massachusetts yes
Missouri Roaming Knights of Missouri yes
Nevada Roaming Knights of Nevada yes
New York Roaming Knights of New York yes
North Carolina Roaming Knights of North Carolina yes
Oklahoma Roaming Knights of Oklahoma
Pennsylvania Roaming Knights of Pennsylvania yes
Tennessee Roaming Knights of Tennessee yes
Texas Roaming Knights of Texas yes
Utah Roaming Knights of Utah yes
Oklahoma Rose Union Elementary Chess Club
North Carolina Rutherfordton Rockets Chess Club
Missouri Saint Peters Chess Club yes
Arkansas Scarlet Chess Club yes
Pennsylvania Shippensburg Chess Club
Ontario Simcoe County Chess Club
Oklahoma Sooner Series Club
Texas South Texas Chess Center
Arkansas Southside Chess Club
Arkansas Southwest Little Rock Chess Club yes
Massachusetts St. Ewortem Chess Club
New York StuyTown Chess Teams
Louisiana SWLA Chess CLub yes
California Team Morales yes
Gujarat (India) Testa Cull
Wisconsin Testing Testing
Oklahoma The Challengers Chess Club - OKC
Missouri The Kansas City Chess Club yes
California The Knights Alliance yes
California The Knights Alliance
Oklahoma The OU Chess Club yes
Missouri The Regal Chess School
North Carolina Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Chess Club
Victoria (Australia) Trinity Grammar School
New York TriState Chess
Oklahoma Tulsa Chess Club
Illinois Twin Cities Chess Club
New York Uncastled yes
Oklahoma Union Public Schools PTA
Ontario University of Toronto Chess Club
Tennessee Urban Town Chess Club
Ohio US Chess Initiative
Tamil Nadu (India) Varadharajan
Oklahoma Verdigris Chess Club yes
Madhya Pradesh (India) vinod yes
Virginia Virginia Chess Federation
Arkansas Westark Chess Club yes
Massachusetts Western Massachusetts Chess Association yes
Hawaii Windward Chess and Go Club yes
Mpumalanga (So.Africa) Wolf Kings Holdings yes
Oklahoma Woodall Chess Club
Suffolk (England) Woodbridge School/The Abbey
North Carolina World Chess Academy
Oklahoma Youth Chess League of Central Oklahoma
Minnesota Youth Enrichment League
Number of Affiliates Displayed: 173
Hot List!!
1.   Kalen Fee +59
2.   Noah Kern +50
3.   Jasper Swensen +46
4.   Malcolm Linder +44
5.   Nathan Daniels +43
6.   Nick Clark +28
7.   Dominic Beaird +27
8.   Jimmy Welch +25
9.   Daniel Yu +24
10.   Evan Zhang +20
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Top Active Players
1.   Alejandro Garcia 2346
2.   Maxwell Smigel 1469
3.   Ayden Hing 1410
4.   Alexander Bajorek 1375
5.   Aarav Sharma 1361
6.   Gavin Bigham 1343
7.   Anthony Augustine 1323
8.   Turner Roach 1304
9.   Jack Vega 1282
10.   Cameron Popehn 1273
11.   William Sanderson 1246
12.   Phoenix Yeh 1232
13.   Vihaan Prakhya 1219
14.   Thomas Hunter 1209
15.   Thomas Younes 1183
16.   Aaron Farish 1175
17.   Colton Harder 1161
18.   Tharun Beygan 1148
19.   Nicholas Manley 1145
20.   Luke King-Schultz 1145
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