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Affiliate Information Gary Public Library Chess Club
Website(no info)
Contact NameDaniel Weinberg
Phone219-886-2484 X335
General InfoClub meets on Thursdays from 5PM-7:30PM in the 2nd Floor Auditorium of the Gary Public Library at 220 W. 5th Avenue in Gary.
Affiliate ID693
  This affiliate does not permit online signups
Tournaments Click here to see a list of our tournaments and events.   For recent Quad results, click here.
Affiliate Roster
See bottom of page to learn what you can do here.     Currently displayed:  Rated & Provisional Players, Adult & Scholastic Players
========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Member
16295-Y Brooks Burnette P,S0 328 328 regularUpgrade
16301-Y Hudson Burnette P,S0 285 285 regularUpgrade
16294-M Gabriel Cabrera P,S0 328 328 regularUpgrade
16311-Q Oliver Casas P,S0 240 240 regularUpgrade
16307-N Jory Cook P,S0 263 263 regularUpgrade
16303-B Nora Croton P,S0 285 285 regularUpgrade
16300-M Zoltan Csathy P,S0 284 284 regularUpgrade
16310-Q Sophia Davisson P,S0 240 240 regularUpgrade
16322-E Elias Gentry P,S0 250 250 regularUpgrade
16314-J Oren Gish P,S0 235 235 regularUpgrade
16305-M Alex Holtman P,S0 280 280 regularUpgrade
16317-X Ibrahim Houlett P,S0 216 216 regularUpgrade
16298-J Payton Hu P,S0 305 305 regularUpgrade
16296-F Brianna Jackson P,S0 307 307 regularUpgrade
16312-G Jacoby Jackson P,S0 239 239 regularUpgrade
16319-H Drew Johnson P,S0 197 197 regularUpgrade
16308-D Will Johnson P,S0 262 262 regularUpgrade
16299-P Devshaan Karamchandani P,S0 283 283 regularUpgrade
16304-M David Kovacs P,S0 285 285 regularUpgrade
16313-N Lev Naughton-Linett P,S0 234 234 regularUpgrade
========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Member
16318-V Sydney Neubert P,S0 217 217 regularUpgrade
16309-Y Tristan Ricketts P,S0 253 253 regularUpgrade
16297-R Jonny Sherlow P,S0 308 308 regularUpgrade
16315-F Julian Troy P,S0 220 220 regularUpgrade
16316-J Anutthara Udawatte P,S0 218 218 regularUpgrade
16320-Q Yashodara Udawatte P,S0 195 195 regularUpgrade
16321-P Shuya Usami P,S0 250 250 regularUpgrade
16306-K Jack Weigel P,S0 256 256 regularUpgrade
16302-A Yun Yueng P,S0 283 283 regularUpgrade

Number of players displayed: 29.
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Status:1st letter is R=Rated, P=Provisional..
2nd letter is A=Adult, S=Scholastic.
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Further, if you sort the players by one column, and then sort by another column, the players are sorted by the old column values within the new column values.

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