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Affiliate Information Rose Union Elementary Chess Club
Website(no info)
Contact NameMJ Means
General Info
Affiliate ID746
  This affiliate does not permit online signups
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Affiliate Roster
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========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Member
14272-A Akinola Ajijolaiya R,S0 360 360 360 regularUpgrade
14273-D Hakeem Ajijolaiya P,S0 455 455 regularUpgrade
14251-P Michael Anderson P,S0 193 193 regularUpgrade
14274-G Caleb Astley P,S0 374 374 regularUpgrade
14275-K Christina Brady P,S0 344 344 regularUpgrade
14276-N Joe Brady P,S0 390 390 regularUpgrade
14277-Q Bryce Bryan P,S0 306 306 regularUpgrade
14278-X Bella Butcher P,S0 390 390 regularUpgrade
14253-C Sophie Butcher P,S0 170 170 regularUpgrade
14254-G Kade Carter P,S0 216 216 regularUpgrade
14279-D Jared Crull P,S0 385 385 regularUpgrade
14255-K Ander Doh P,S0 252 252 regularUpgrade
14256-N Tyler Doh P,S0 269 269 regularUpgrade
14280-Y Ryan Dooley P,S0 400 400 regularUpgrade
14281-C Trevor Edge P,S0 390 390 regularUpgrade
14282-H Willow Gibbs P,S0 343 343 regularUpgrade
14283-K Kyndal Graham P,S0 367 367 regularUpgrade
14284-N Trey Grizzle P,S0 432 432 regularUpgrade
14257-A Ayden Haire P,S0 152 152 regularUpgrade
14285-R Avery Hannah P,S0 332 332 regularUpgrade
========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Member
14286-A Omais Hasanjee P,S0 400 400 regularUpgrade
14287-D Lanah Hinsdale P,S0 400 400 regularUpgrade
14288-V Matthew Jennings P,S0 369 369 regularUpgrade
14289-M Omar Khan P,S0 400 400 regularUpgrade
14290-E Nadia Khoda P,S0 402 402 regularUpgrade
14291-J Chase Kliewer R,S0 525 525 525 518 512 505 525 497 regularUpgrade
14292-M Cole Kliewer P,S0 316 316 regularUpgrade
14258-G Keagan Knight P,S0 200 200 regularUpgrade
14259-K Lucas Lino P,S0 166 166 regularUpgrade
14293-Q Alberto Liu P,S0 400 400 regularUpgrade
14260-Q Carsten Logan P,S0 192 192 regularUpgrade
14294-X Landon Logan P,S0 355 355 regularUpgrade
14295-D Megan Mackinnon P,S0 401 401 regularUpgrade
14296-G Carson Mann P,S0 435 435 regularUpgrade
14297-J Hannah Mays P,S0 344 344 regularUpgrade
14298-M James Messenger P,S0 455 455 regularUpgrade
14299-P Jillian Michael P,S0 400 400 regularUpgrade
14300-A Caleb Mudd P,S0 413 413 regularUpgrade
14301-G Noah Patton P,S0 506 506 regularUpgrade
14302-T Casady Rickets P,S0 326 326 regularUpgrade
========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Member
14303-Y Sam Rochford P,S0 400 400 regularUpgrade
14304-R Jackson Roden P,S0 411 411 regularUpgrade
14261-N Olivia Ross P,S0 211 211 regularUpgrade
14262-R Peyton Seibel P,S0 235 235 regularUpgrade
14305-B Elizabeth Sharber P,S0 384 384 regularUpgrade
14263-A Alexander Smith P,S0 155 155 regularUpgrade
14264-D Marissa Smith P,S0 234 234 regularUpgrade
14306-E Scott Smith P,S0 358 358 regularUpgrade
14307-H Abby Stokell P,S0 373 373 regularUpgrade
14265-G Ian Stokell P,S0 259 259 regularUpgrade
14266-J Lindsay Stone P,S0 200 200 regularUpgrade
14267-M Kylin Swaffer P,S0 211 211 regularUpgrade
14268-P Ashley Swindle P,S0 169 169 regularUpgrade
14269-X Kyleigh Taylor P,S0 139 139 regularUpgrade
14270-H Romeo Torres P,S0 232 232 regularUpgrade
14271-W Jake Valentine P,S0 259 259 regularUpgrade
14308-N Jj Valentine P,S0 363 363 regularUpgrade
14309-Q Gary Venezia P,S0 461 461 regularUpgrade
14310-M Jacob Venezia P,S0 436 436 regularUpgrade
14311-Y Emma White P,S0 400 400 regularUpgrade

Number of players displayed: 60.
Player IDs of players imported to this affiliate are shown with a trailing plus sign + .
Status:1st letter is R=Rated, P=Provisional..
2nd letter is A=Adult, S=Scholastic.
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You can sort the players by their values in any column simply by clicking on the blue column heading. For example, click on "Official" to see the selected players displayed in order by Official Rating.
Further, if you sort the players by one column, and then sort by another column, the players are sorted by the old column values within the new column values.

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