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Affiliate Information NEA Chess Club
Website(no info)
Contact NameBryan Miller
General Info
Affiliate ID829
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========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Member
18027-N+ Luke Bjork R,S 7 1168 1168 1168 1090 1022 1074 1005 1050 1082 regularUpgrade
17343-G+ Zachariah R Carlson R,A 8 1461 1461 1490 1426 1429 1389 1375 1447 1436regularUpgrade
20149-A Ashton Gipson R,S 2 1007 1007 1007 871 938 938 938 938 938 938 938regularUpgrade
17446-A+ Tanner Grayham R,S 7 1032 1032 1135 1080 1049 1128 1078 1013 regularUpgrade
17345-R+ Gregory Hansen R,A 5 1342 1342 1422 1362 1371 1416 1359 1422 1333 regularUpgrade
19086-W+ Thomas Walker R,A 3 1021 1021 1058 1017 1044 1026 1034 1005 regularUpgrade

Number of players displayed: 6.
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