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Game History for Robert Rondilla
Player ID: 15226-F, First Move Chess, San Juan, PH, PHL
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Robert's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    925098     LOST 800/P     774/P   BLACK A.Pasia 15111-G 631/P 09/03/11 g/30   833  
    925106     LOST 774/P     755/P   WHITE J.Datinginoo 15217-N 775/P 09/03/11 g/30   833  
    925119     DRAWN 755/P     758/P   BLACK D.Camba 15215-G 773/P 09/03/11 g/30   833  
    925136     LOST 758/P     740/P   WHITE J.Delacruz 15218-Q 773/P 09/03/11 g/30   833  
    925540     LOST 740/P     710/P   BLACK C.Valdellon 14763-V 981 10/01/11 g/30   837  
    925550     WON 710/P     730/P   WHITE P.Oncita 15205-R 564/P 10/01/11 g/30   837  
    925558     LOST 730/P     714/P   BLACK A.Oira 15276-H 803/P 10/01/11 g/30   837  
    925571     LOST 714/P     696/P   WHITE A.Oira 15275-E 749/P 10/01/11 g/30   837  
    925575     LOST 696/P     678/P   BLACK L.Aboy 15137-T 714/P 10/01/11 g/30   837  
    926247     WON 678/P     709/P   WHITE B.Melchor 15434-R 800/P 11/05/11 g/30   840  
    926267     WON 709/P     740/P   BLACK N.Delacruz 15425-K 826/P 11/05/11 g/30   840  
    926297     LOST 740/P     732/P   WHITE D.Saguban 15272-X 1019/P 11/05/11 g/30   840  
    926322     LOST 732/P     708/P   WHITE A.Sopungco 14760-V 1004 11/05/11 g/30   840  
    926336     LOST 708/P     693/P   BLACK J.Delacruz 15424-H 812/P 11/05/11 g/30   840  
    929522     LOST 693/P     657/P   BLACK J.Pasia 15025-W 905 08/04/12 g/30   863  
    929532     LOST 657     652   WHITE M.Relucio 15776-P 550/P 08/04/12 g/30   863  
    929537     LOST 652     635   BLACK N.Hernandez 15020-X 706 08/04/12 g/30   863  
    929559     WON 635     662   WHITE C.Reyes 15225-C 654 08/04/12 g/30   863  
(18 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
33.33 % 16.66 % 25 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE:   -1.55
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK:   -13.7
Average Rating Change Overall: -7.66
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Robert Rondilla is noticeably weaker with the Black pieces. Be sure to review every move of your games -- especially your losses. Try to figure out where you went wrong and what might have been better. Robert Rondilla is in a slump, off 112 points from a peak rating of 774 achieved on 2011-09-03. "
Note: Pie charts are based on OFFICIAL results and do not reflect activity of the most recent 14 days.
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Robert Rondilla as White Player
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Robert Rondilla as Black Player

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